Top 10 Survival Items You Should Always Carry in Your Backpack

Top 10 Survival Items You Should Always Carry in Your Backpack

To compile a list of the top 10 survival items you should always carry in your backpack, one must think of the four basic necessities a human needs to survive. Those four necessities in order of precedence are water, warmth, shelter and food. These are the top 10 items that will make meeting those needs just that much easier.

Finding yourself in a survival situation can be a very daunting thing to be confronted with.  In fact, it can be simply unnerving.  So much to the point that the psychological reaction to a survival situation can quickly become the cause of death.  When we panic and let the situation get the better of our emotions and fortitude, we literally lose the ability to think rationally.  Believe me, there is no better time to enjoy the capability of rational thought than in a survival situation.  Approach everything systematically and receive everything objectively. 

Thankfully, there are items available to us on the retail side as well as in the environment around us that helps us better meet our basic needs for survival.  Simply knowing that you have some of these items accessible to you can be a huge help in winning the initial psychological battle.  It would certainly boost my confidence.  Some of the best survivalists can survive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a good knife; sometimes not even that.  If you take the time to prepare for the possible, you won’t have to be as skilled or resourceful as trained survivalists.  Let’s take a look at the top 10 survival items you should always carry in your backpack.  You never know when your life may depend on them.

*Listed in descending order of importance.

10  Survival Handbook

I placed the survival handbook in the least important position because you should already be proficient in how to use the following items below.  However, in the event that all else fails, having a book at your disposal that can teach you a few tricks on the spot can prove to be invaluable.  Maybe your water filter was lost, damaged or contaminated and is no longer good to use for procuring clean drinking water; knowledge of how to create a solar still can be found within a good survival handbook.

9  Energy Bars

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy, just make sure that they are high in protein and calories.  Ask some veteran backpackers what they like to use and they might be able to recommend a specific brand.  Now, food is the least important of the four necessities of survival, which is why you find energy bars coming in at number nine.  I would suggest that you could, using some of the items listed below, procure food that you will need along the road of survival, but if you have the room in your backpack, it does not hurt to throw a few of these guys in there to get you through a brief food shortage.  One of these a day could easily sustain the body.

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